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August 5, 2019  

2.3 We Are the Night/ Wir Sind Die Nacht

August 5, 2019

I'm back from a long, much needed, self-imposed hiatus, and excited to be in the thick of creating and publishing content again. This episode, lucky number 13 (!!!) is a bit on the long side, but it covers some important historical ground that I felt was really helpful in understanding this 2010 German film with the contextual nuance that I, a sometimes embarrassingly ignorant American, didn't grasp the first time, or even the first three times I watched this film.


Knowing what I know now about the German history and cultural identity alluded to by the filmmakers when creating this vampire movie, I find it so much more enjoyable than I initially did- although I'm terribly disappointed that I couldn't get my hands on a simply subtitled version, and had to make do with the dubbed version for my own research, and the perspective of my German friends who could point out the places where the over-dubbing over-simplified or mangled the script somewhat. If anyone knows of a good English-language subtitled version of this film, without the dubbing, let me know.


I'm starting to experiment with some sponsorship shoutouts in this episode. The truth is, even with Patreon, this podcast doesn't exactly pay for itself yet, and acknowledging the individuals and businesses who have given me so much support in this endeavor is the least I can do.


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