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August 20, 2019  

2.4 Fledgling

Polyamorous vampire communes from space. What makes a vampire a vampire? When vampires and their prey have a symbiotic relationship, who is addicted to who? Also, melanin is a vampire superpower in the 4th episode of season 2 of Rose Sinister: Vampires. 


Join me as I examine the life of sci-fi writer Octavia Butler, her strange vampire novel Fledgling, and why I am so committed to going beyond the obvious on this podcast. 


Spoiler alert: if the phrase "Black Lives Matter" makes you angry, you won't like this episode.


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August 5, 2019  

2.3 We Are the Night/ Wir Sind Die Nacht

I'm back from a long, much needed, self-imposed hiatus, and excited to be in the thick of creating and publishing content again. This episode, lucky number 13 (!!!) is a bit on the long side, but it covers some important historical ground that I felt was really helpful in understanding this 2010 German film with the contextual nuance that I, a sometimes embarrassingly ignorant American, didn't grasp the first time, or even the first three times I watched this film.


Knowing what I know now about the German history and cultural identity alluded to by the filmmakers when creating this vampire movie, I find it so much more enjoyable than I initially did- although I'm terribly disappointed that I couldn't get my hands on a simply subtitled version, and had to make do with the dubbed version for my own research, and the perspective of my German friends who could point out the places where the over-dubbing over-simplified or mangled the script somewhat. If anyone knows of a good English-language subtitled version of this film, without the dubbing, let me know.


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March 31, 2019  

2.2 Blade

1998's vampire hunting summer blockbuster, "Blade," actually has quite a bit more to say that simply, "vampires bad. Blade kill."


But yes, in this movie, vampires are unambiguously bad guys- but the why might surprise you.


Two online essays helped immeasurably when constructing this episode, and it is with gratitude that I share the links here.


"Daywalkin' Nightstalkin' Bloodsuckas: Black Vampires in Contemporary Film by Francis Gateward


Some Vampires Are Real: Stereotypes and Dominant Fears (Re)presented in the Black Vampire of American Popular Film" by Sarah Broderick

March 15, 2019  

2.1 The Casquette Girls

Rose Sinister: Vampires is back for season 2, and I'm so excited to feature local New Orleans author and bestselling indie author and Wattpad phenom Alys Arden's post-Katrina novel, "The Casquette Girls."


Borrowing heavily from folklore I, as a professional vampire tour guide am well acquainted with, Arden's novel weaves together real history, folklore, and a thoroughly modern approach to vampires among us.


On this episode, I mentioned a few books that curious listeners might wish to check out, so here are the links:


New Orleans Ghosts, Vampires and Voodoo by Kalila Smith:

New Orleans Vampires: History and Legend by Marita Woywod Crandle:


Please note, by clicking on these affiliate links I may receive a small commission, which helps to offset the cost of this podcast project.


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One final note: I apologize for some of the background sounds in this episode. They've been doing construction outside and we got a puppy recently. It's been loud and I've done the best I can to minimize the background noises, but there are a handful of distractions throughout the episode. Someday I'll remaster it.



December 21, 2018  

1.10 Dracula part 2

Rose Sinister:Vampires concludes its first season with the second half of the Dracula season finale two-parter. In this episode, the historical Vlad Dracula is examined, both as a source of inspiration for Bram Stoker, but also for the filmmakers creating Dracula adaptations across the 20th century and into the 21st. What role does religion play in understanding the life and legacy of Dracula, both historic and fictional? And what does the ebb and flow of religiosity in cinematic Dracula entries communicate about larger cultural patterns across that period of time?

December 7, 2018  

1.9 Dracula Part 1

Part 1 of the season 1 finale of Rose Sinister: Vampires, this extra-long episode takes some time to point out things you may have missed about Bram Stoker's famous novel, by framing both the creator and his creation in the context of some of the political, artistic, and moral attitudes and aspirations of the late 19th century. Hint: it's about way more than the naughty stuff.

November 23, 2018  

1.8 The Twilight Saga

Nearing the end of the first season of Rose Sinister: Vampires, episode 8 examines the impact of faith and culture on the creative process, representation versus appropriation, and the overall impact Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga has had on vampire stories. 

November 9, 2018  

1.7 Lost Souls

The latest installment of Rose Sinister: Vampires is a deeply personal reflection on a vampire story that had a huge impact on my life- and why sometimes, revisiting the magic of our youth can challenge us to re-examine the stories that shape us. One of the best, and most disturbing, vampire novels ever written, Poppy Z. Brite's shocking 1992 novel, Lost Souls has had a huge impact on the lives of many of its readers. It's not a novel for the faint of heart, and while this episode isn't explicit, it does come with a content warning for disturbing subject matter and, of course, spoilers. I'm particularly interested to know what your thoughts on this novel are, if you read it when you were young, and if you've re-read it as an adult. 

October 19, 2018  

1.6 Dracula’s Daughter

The Sixth installment of season 1 of Rose Sinister: Vampires tackles the 1936 Univeral Pictures film, "Dracula's Daughter." Produced as a point in cinema history when expression to a back seat to moralizing lip service, a film that was shockingly bold for its era comes across as tame and problematic by modern standards. But the themes of Dracula's Daughter would do more to establish the tropes of the modern sympathetic vampire narrative than dear old dad ever did. 

October 5, 2018  

1.5 Let the Right One In

Season 1, episode 5 of of Rose Sinister: Vampires ponders the frightening interplay of innocence and monstrosity at work in the Swedish vampire film, Let The Right One In. This episode does contrain references to the original novel, and the American film, "Let Me In," but overall this episode focuses on the 2008 Swedish film, often called "one of the best vampire movies ever made." There are numerous spoilers in this episode.